Wednesday, May 20, 2009

When Beaches Become Giant Sand Art Canvases

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Pete Donelly sand art large fire

Peter Donnelly is an artist who can truly claim to see the bigger picture while attending to the devil that’s in the detail. He is also an artist who is far from precious about his work, since few mediums can be as transitory as the one he chooses to work in. While humankind has surely been creating artworks out of sand since long before we have been able to preserve any trace of their fleeting existence, few sand artists can have worked on such a scale as Peter Donnelly. And few revelled so much in the march of the incoming tide.

Pete Donnelly sand dancer from New Brighton Pier

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Peter Donnelly has been practicing his unique take on sand art for over ten years, a period during which he has created almost one thousand pieces of art – only to see each creative outpouring washed away by the encroaching sea. Does he mind? Far from it.

Peter Donnelly sand art close
Peter Donnelly sand dancer beautiful woman
Peter Donnelly beach artist spirals
Peter Donnelly sand artist checkers and spiral
Peter Donnelly sand art symbol
describes himself as a symbolist, though at times his creativity has taken a political bent, as when he expressed frustration at the invasion of Iraq through his artwork.
Peter Donnelly CND
Peter Donnelly sand poetry in motion
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