Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Selling your pc - delete those data files

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Files you should remove before you donate or sell your computer:

E-mail contacts

E-mail messages

All documents

All files in the operating system recycle bin or trash folder

Internet files

All non-transferable software (most software is transferable if you have the original disks and product key)

safely overwrite your files.
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a secure deletion program such as Eraser
When you delete information from your hard-drive, it isn’t really gone. The computer just tells you it’s gone, it gives you back the hard-drive space and over a period of time, the deleted file gets written over
is why when you sell your old PC to someone, it’s good to delete all your files through a secure deletion program otherwise the new owner can fire up a retrieval program

Eraser integrates itself into your Windows trash bin so when you right-click on the trash bin to empty it, you can choose a regular emptying or an Eraser emptying.

if you don’t use the Eraser emptying, those files can come back
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