Monday, May 25, 2009

Dolphins enjoy sardine feeding frenzy

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dolphins line up patiently as they look forward to a rather large and tasty lunch.
mammals head to the South African coastline each year for the Sardine Run
The dolphins, alongside sword fish and sharks ambush them from below, while gannets and gulls hover above the waves waiting for their chance
Sharks and swordfish
sardine run where huge schools of migrating sardines are chased by thousands of dolphins, sharks, birds and even hunting Bryde's whales
the sardines protect themselves
from this onslaught by forming into giant balls called 'bait balls'
which can measure as large as 65 feet
But for three of the past five
years, the cold current has not arrived, and neither have the sardines,
as they are unable to tolerate water that is warmer than 20 degrees
Being inside a bait ball is not for the weak minded - divers are surrounded by charging dolphins, sharks in frenzy mode, birds falling from above at speeds
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