Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How to erase a hard drive

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You may already know that “deleting” a file does nothing of the sort.
File information is maintained in a directory so your operating system can find it. All that “delete” does is erase the file’s reference information. Your OS can’t find it, but the data is still there.
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Secure Erase

Download Freeware Secure Erase Utility


Secure Erase Q & A

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Active@ Kill Disk - Hard Drive Eraser

  • The FREE application can be registered with a registration key without re-installation to be able to
    erase data using DoD 5220.22-M and other methods.
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    370 mile drive to buy the paper

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    An 81-year-old Australian man who became lost on an early morning drive to the shops and ended up almost 600 kilometres (370 miles) away told police he failed to stop because he "liked to drive". Skip related content

    Eric Steward was visiting friends in Yass, a country town south of Sydney in New South Wales state, when he left to buy a newspaper at about 7:30am on Monday morning.

    But after taking a wrong turn on the highway, he drove for more than eight hours before stopping police to ask for directions near Geelong in Victoria.

    He said Wednesday he could not remember what he was thinking during the drive.

    "I just went out on the road to have a drive, a nice peaceful quiet drive. I didn't know where I was going but I knew it was somewhere, and with a bit of luck I would eventually find my wife again," he said.

    Steward's wife, Clare, had become increasingly worried about her spouse after reaching him on his mobile telephone.

    "He's a good driver. Very focused, I knew that much," she said.

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    Monday, November 23, 2009

    Live Fish Dinner

    partially-fried carp breathing and wriggling on a plate as it is being eaten
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    bizarre creatures discovered in the Deep

    A team of scientists have discovered thousands of incredibly bizarre new creatures living in the blackness of the deep Atlantic ocean. They range from "Jumbo Dumbo," an octopod that swims by flapping a pair of ear-like fins, to shining golden crustaceans. Most of the animals found are only a few millimeters long and were discovered on the slopes of the Atlantic ridge as far down as 3 miles deep.
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    Wednesday, November 18, 2009

    some unusual monuments

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    Carhenge, Alliance, Neb. (© Bill Bachmann/
    Nebraska, a unique replica of England’s Stonehenge rises out of the high plains. Carhenge was constructed in 1987 with vintage automobiles painted gray to replicate stone.
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    Portrait of Ferdinand Cheval, Le Palais Ideal, Hauterives, France (© Maisant Ludovic/hemis/agefotostock)
    Cheval was a French postman
    who gathered stones on his mail route each day to build Le Palais Ideal,
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    Scale model of Crazy Horse Memorial with mountain  sculpture in distance, S.D. (© Cindy Miller Hopkins/
    unfinished Crazy Horse Memorial in the Black Hills of South Dakota will someday be the world’s largest sculpture
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    The Child Eater of Bern statue, Bern, Switzerland (© Sunny Celeste/age fotostock)
    Bern, a disturbing fountain depicts an ogre devouring a naked child
    the Kindlifresserbrunnen, or child-eater statue, is said to depict the story of Kronos from Greek mythology, who eats his children to keep them from taking his throne.
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    Manneken Pis fountain, Brussels, Belgium (© SuperStock)
    The statue of a little boy urinating into a fountain, the Manneken Pis
    in Brussels
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    Saint Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse statue, Lucerna Palace, Prague  (© fotostock)
    St. Wenceslas
    Riding a Dead Horse in Prague
    created in 1999 as a parody of a right-side-up statue
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    Nurses pose near a monument to enemas, Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium, Zheleznovodsk, Russia (© Mashuk Akva-Term Sanatorium/AP)
    The Enema Monument is a nearly 800 pound bronze statue of a syringe held by three children.
    Mashuk-Akva Term  spa
    s known for its mineral springs, the water of which is used in enemas
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