Thursday, May 21, 2009

Starting your newly built PC - cannot get into BIOS?

When all the parts for your new pc are connected and you switch get to the stage to press DEL to enter BIOS and get a message saying ' PREPARING TO ENTER BIOS '
......but thats as far as you get. You cannot get into the BIOS at all.

First of all, disconnect all drives. You don't need a hard drive or a CD drive or a floppy drive to get into the BIOS. It's best to start a fresh build at the bare minimum (bare bones) .
Now, it's more crucial to get into the BIOS than it is to jump into a Windows installation.

Next, try is to unplug the system, and take the mobo battery out. It's a CR2032 button cell. Remove it. Wait 10 minutes. Don't put the battery back in. Plug the system back in. Boot it up. If it works fine without the battery, replace it.

Actually, when it comes to those batteries, one of the first things I do with a new mobo is take out the supplied CR2032 and throw it out! Those things are only $2-3 each, so I just get rid of the bloody things and replace them with new ones.

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