Monday, May 25, 2009

crazy prom ideas

what prom means to some
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When one dude thinks kissing another dude on camera is a good idea.

And when these two show up.

When cousins break out the spray tan gun on one another the night before.

When your date is primarily concerned with taking the most random photo ever.

When your buddy hires an escort and tries to convince everyone he’s dating J. Lo.

When you get voted Prom Prince to your buddy’s Prom King.

When rednecks get a hold of colored duct tape.

When one couple takes their Winnie the Pooh obsession a little too far.

When one couple needs to be remembered as serious Trailganstas.

When your date makes you call him “007″ the entire night.

When one couple decides to put the douche into douchey matching outfits.

When someone convinces himself he’s “outrageous” enough to pull off the cane and top hat.

When one couple really enjoyed The Phantom Menace.

When dorks get a hold of colored duct tape.

When your date finds out you thought you were getting l**d.

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