Sunday, May 27, 2007

play .bin files on dvd player

make sure the bin and cue files are in the same directory.
Then open Nero startsmart,
use CD,
go to Copy/backup,
go tot the directory for the .cue file and OPEN it,
make sure a CD is in your player, and press BURN


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

watching tv shows

check this out, free tv shows, although can just be watched on your computer it's good fun.

Some video are cue and bin files, this is fine if you are watching the film on a small tv screen, as the resolution is 352 x 240. But you could get the Divx AVI version and the default resolution of these files is 512 x 384 which gives a much better film quality. These Divx files can be burned onto DVD with NERO as data files.

You can watch the .cue file on your pc by downloading and installing DaemonTools and mounting the file. To burn .bin files to dvd, use Isobuster to extract the data, rename the DAT file to MPEG and then use your favorite conversion or burning program.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

buy/sell home sites

We are in the middle of moving and finding a rental property so here are some helpful
Ozzie sites for our purposes..
For garage sales this place is neat if you have to sell stuff, and as far as searching for rent or buy these sites are great...justlisted and domain


Saturday, May 19, 2007

our love for evil doers

As befits our love for evil doers, the media is our surrogate voice, channel 7 is tracking every move david hicks makes on his way to Oz. They have vision of pit stops and one super intelligent being stationed at the airport for his arrival...and who says we the people drive the news!!!!!


Tuesday, May 15, 2007

forgot your pc password?

Many people go away on vacation then forget their password for use on their windows XP pc. What do you do? Format the drive and reinstall windows ? No.

Download a program called ERD Commander. Use it to create a boot CD, which you should insert into your CD Rom and restart your computer.

Select the windows installation you want and under the System menu item called "Locksmith" you can find all administrator usernames and passwords.
Then exit out, reboot to Windows; and then log in as an administrator and reset her password.

Also, if you are using administrator account in Normal Mode, do the following....
1. Go to the Start menu, and click Run.
2. In the window that opens, type "control userpasswords2" without the quotes, and click the OK button. (This tool is reserved for Windows XP Professional Edition.)
3. A new window will open listing Administrator and any other accounts you have set up on the machine. Click on Administrator to highlight it, and then click the Reset Password button.
4. Enter the new password in the boxes marked "new password" and "confirm new password" and click OK.
5. Click OK to close the User Accounts window.


helpful videos

what a great collection of sites that teach how to cook, clean, tech and more

and my favourite is the cooking here

happy DIY

west ham are safe

with the memorable last game victory against the league champs MAn united played and won by WEST HAM 1-0, the final table looks like so..

38 43
Man City
38 42
West Ham
38 41
38 39
38 38
Sheff Utd
38 38
38 34
38 28
what a way to finish the year, and SHeff United who were on a roll for weeks fainted at the last hurdle, losing a home game to Wigan...
Now its time to go to sleep and dream of next seasons start


Thursday, May 10, 2007

words to impress

You know the person, you know where they come from...and if they take a minute to tell you about something, anything, whether it be a concept or directions, or work/job proposal...then they are being pretentious (long winded!)...and you HAVE to intervene (cut them off!).
I've been around these types too many times, but the opposite is much more damaging to their image and respect...they use short passages of words which are intimidating and gruff and usually put you off having any involvement with them.

Anyway, to start off...

at the present time, at this point in timenow
due to the fact thatbecause
during the course ofwhile
for the simple reason thatbecause
on left are wordy passages and on the right is more useful. More...

an estimated roughly, nearly

afford an opportunity allow, let

adequate number of enough

as a consequence of because

You don't want to sound like "a public servant" or you are "in job mode" all the time.

Funny but useful observations, are handy, because they if they are used to PUNCH an idea, they imply you know your subject.
"Given the choice, i'm sure Russian cosmonauts would not come back to Earth"
Funny, but horribly true...a real paradox.


Monday, May 7, 2007

channel 9 logies heartlessness

well, are the logies a bonafide exhibition of television winners or a chance to get ratings...,21985,21689521-2902,00.html

if young packer's dad was treated the same i wonder if he'd have the balls to do something rather than try to find a "chick" to become a wife.

It was a setup...they knew Terri Irwin was in the room and they panned to her for all to see her open emotion...i can see 'em all in the control room talking about the "ratings" for this "piece".


Saturday, May 5, 2007

west ham sniff of chance

well, they beat bolton 3-1 last night and moved above the relegation drop zone...with the final game away to man united next week. some other results were more stunning..watford winning and fulham beating liverpool to also be in safe territory. However, with the relegation threatened clubs choosing NOW to have a big sook about west hams controversial argentine players transfer, there is more seemingly underhanded twists to come.
Liverpool played with up to 9 usual players out of the squad thus gifting fulham a safe passage. If only man united are that generous next week. Within the importance of how games affect relegation..liverpool should also be investigated for failure to play their best team.
Also of interest will be the final game between sheffield u and wigan...IF sheffield win, it condemns wigan, BUT if wigan "are allowed to win" and hammers lose, then wigan go up by better goal difference...will watch that game and see how the hot run of sheffield is halted!
Anyway...if west ham stay up...and ashton comes back after injury, i cannot see a better pairing up front than tevez and ashton...and if the owner spends a bit more on at least one classy midfielder...look out!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2007

property invest is high?

Property investment hits highs

By Nicki Bourlioufas

May 02, 2007 10:57am

Article from:

  • Property investment lending hits record highs
  • Average home loan size stands at $307,000
  • NSW has the greatest loan size at $362,000

INVESTMENT in residential property is back in favour as data shows record levels of investment during April 2007 as people bet on a stronger property market and capital gains in 2007.

The AFG Mortgage Index shows that last month 33.8 per cent of mortgages were sold to investors rather than owner occupiers in April – an increase on March’s all time high of 32.9 per cent and a significant increase on the figure of 28.3 per cent recorded 12 months ago.

Western Australia and Queensland continue to drive the market for investors, but it is the growing resurgence in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia which is leading to the dream scenario of healthy, growing markets coast-to-coast.

Despite fears about the WA market coming off the boil, investment there continues at near record levels and the average mortgage size broke through the $350,000 barrier last month.

Positive property outlook
Mark Hewitt, General Manager of Sales and Operations said things were looking positive for the property market.

“It is seldom that we see the indicators for every state looking positive, but right now that’s exactly what’s happening," he said.

"The levelling off in interest rates is just what property markets on the east coast need to build up a momentum. Meanwhile the strength of the resources sector continues to support property markets in WA and Queensland."

"We’ve just been doing our internal business forecasts for the next year and AFG is very positive about the year ahead.”

Mortgage size growing
The average home loan nationally now stands at $307,000, with the highest average loans in NSW ($362,000) and WA ($352,000) followed by Queensland (($288,000), Victoria ($277,000) and South Australia ($231,000).

well, i hope they are picking up the cheap repossessions that banks/finance joints are taking-selling at firesale $$$....or if those investors have not learned that buying in an inflated market was how those houses fell like cards....

more banter

libs 2007 budget

john-boy and his smiling assasin boy-man costello are telling us all will be well...
with central bank's decision today to leave interest rates unchanged john smiled..""It's good news for Australian homebuyers," Mr Howard told Sky News. "I'm interested in seeing interest rates remain moderate and the Budget next week will contribute downward pressure on interest rates."
Of course Howard would welcome todays decision on interest rates. The coalition must hide in corners chewing each others fingernails each time the reserve bank meets, another rate rise would seriously affect his chances of re-election.

"I will still be able to look people in the eye and say interest rates under the Coalition will always be lower than they would under the Labor party," Mr Howard said. Still, our interest rates are higher than all other nations on the OECD tables except Iceland, Mexico, and Turkey. Are you really as good at managing the economy as you've been telling everyone for the last 11 years john boy?

The Government won the 2004 election on this promise that interest rates were not going to rise, but interest rates have risen four times since then. So, he basically lied to get into government. John's economics 101 made simple. When rates rise it's because of that bad old reserve bank, and nobody made any specific promises about interest rates anyway. When rates fall or stay the same it's because of the Liberal party... you be the same John Howard who promised there'd never be a GST, that rates wouldn't rise, that children WERE thrown overboard, that there WERE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.....the list goes on...he wins the Pinocchio award, at least he would know where to stick it when he tells a lie-he smiling assisin! moon me!

Mr Howard said mortgage rates were currently 8 per cent, having been as high as 17 per cent under previous Labor government. This year's federal election is expected to be fought on the Government's economic managment and industrial relations which have made it dead easy for employers to sack employees and also write them up on low wage agreements (basically trying to build a cheap workforce)

Labor Party and the unions will come to a head...already Rudd is looking to change his IR policy to enure it is more "balanced". Wait until the old Union hacks start putting their foot down. Unions know this is their last election to maintain any backing and remain viable and financial and they are throwing everything at it and cowering to Rudd and Gillard.

The ability of a government to influence an economy in the short run (and interest rates) is minimal, especially in Australia's case. Ironically, it was the previous labour government that did the hard yards in terms of financial reforms to lay the ground work for a more stable and low interest rate environment. What annoys me the most is that Howard (and his advisors) are aware of this nonsense, yet they still run with the argument. Ok In 2004 Howard said that we could trust him to keep interest rates low. In 2007 he admitted that interest rates were not the responsibility of the government but the Reserve Bank of Australia. Now John Howard is claiming control over interest rates again. I get it. John Howard has the power to lower rates but only the Reserve Bank of Australia has the power to raise them. SIlly me, why didn't I realise that sooner.


pictures of sydney

found some incredible pictures of sydney taken by its people


random on yahoo

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

can't read..listen to mp3

a while back i found i just did not have it anymore to sit and read....especially when kids come along, so a friend introed me to mp3 players and now i listen to lectures and podcasts and all sorts of are some of my favorite sites to "read" stuff..

the naked scientist
raw science news (ala jamie ..) with panel of members

university of california

leonard lopate's site