Friday, May 8, 2009

I LOVE IT! Free courses online. No Joke

This site is absolutely amazing! It offers free education in any subject from Aerodynamics to Dentistry, from Calculus to History, from Business to Oceanography. All coursework is provided free of charge online. I checked it out and was very surprised by their offering.
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  • Free education on the Internet

  • No books to buy, no hidden fees

  • Courses, tutorials, and skill-building
    activities for today's most important vocational and academic disciplines

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High School, Homeschool
College Prep
Vocational & Career Training
College Programs
Graduate and Professional Studies
Lifelong Learning

moreinfo.jpg (1536 bytes)Click Here for
instant access all of our
free courses.
Go ahead ... it won't cost you anything ... ever!

Complete courses and tutorials for more than 120 different
vocational and academic disciplines.

Study programs for homeschooling, advanced college prep, GED,
technical careers, lifelong learning,  and much, much more.*

Simply pick a course and go to work on it.
No sign-ups, no passwords, no credit-card requests

Is this school really free?
Yes. You don't even have to buy any textbooks--everything is provided online. Costs are
covered by advertising and donations from appreciative patrons.

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