Sunday, August 30, 2009

Puppy going out in style

U.S. should not be the world’s police - need surcharge!

The U.S. budget for the military is $1,449 billion while the rest of the federal budget is $1,210. Who made the U.S. the police of the world? The U.S. spends more than the next 15 richest nations combined.

Cut the military by 10 percent, that will give Americans $141 billion to cover health care. And the US should discriminate between charging nations for protection - Italian style!
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Kiddies on a pee break - get overtaken!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

dangerous celebrities online

Fans may think they're opening a legit site with information on the

Fans may think they're opening a legit site with information on the "Hannah Montana" star, but in reality, McAfee found that many links point to malicious sites that contain spyware.
Celebrity bloggers often compare Fox to a younger Jolie, but looks aren't the only thing the two hot stars have in common: Both resulted in
Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie
resulted in "an equal number of risky download Web sites
Tween fans of the
Ashley Tisdale
fans of the "High School Musical" star should think twice before downloading a Sharpay screensaver, as many of those sites contain "numerous malware-laden downloads
The mega movie star landed in the top spot last year, but fell toward the bottom of the list in 2009, though searching for the
searching for
puts users at risk of encountering "dangerous, red and yellow-ranked Web sites
The Academy Award-winning actress keeps a fairly low profile, but that hasn't kept spammers and hackers away. Searching for Witherspoon's name or photo can land users on site that promote free files but have hidden malware.
Searching for Witherspoon's name or photo can land users on site that promote free files but have hidden malware
Surprised the pop star and tabloid queen falls so far down on the list? Still, that doesn't mean a Spears search is safe. McAfee found
McAfee found "a single site promoting free Britney Spears wallpaper that was embedded with more than 50 potentially infected downloads
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most dangerous celebrities online

Internet security company McAfee has released a list of the top celebrities searches that are the most risky, possibly landing users with viruses or spyware
Searching for the
When 'Jessica Biel screensavers' was searched, almost half of the sites were identified as containing malicious downloads
Internet users should be careful when looking online for the
Inputting ' Beyonce ringtones' into a search engine yielded a dangerous Web site linking to a distributor of adware
searching for " Jennifer Aniston screensavers
end up with the "FunLove virus
The Patriots quarterback is no stranger to the Super Bowl, but fans of his may score a super bad virus if they search for his stats. McAfee identified the Trojan Virus in Tom Brady-related searches.
McAfee identified the Trojan Virus in Tom Brady-related searches
Patriots quarterback
Jessica Simpson's former relationship with NFL QB Tony Romo and the controversy surrounding her fluctuating weight resulted in countless internet headlines over the past year. But, people searching for the singer should be cautious. According to McAfee:
Searching for 'Jessica Simpson videos' can mislead unsuspecting surfers to sites with potentially damaging downloads
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Friday, August 28, 2009

which college

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Lighthouse vs Waves

Mouro Lighthouse, Spain
Mouro Lighthouse
Kereon Lighthouse in Brittany, France:
Kereon Lighthouse, Brittany
South Haven Lighthouse – don’t miss the huge icicles on the bridge:
South Haven, Lake Michigan
Sheboygan Lighthouse on Lake Michigan, clearly weather beaten:
Sheboygan, Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan’s Grand Haven lighthouse pounded by the waves:
Grand Haven, Lake Michigan

And here, totally frozen over and in a storm – can’t beat this image:
GRand Haven frozen over
Here’s the Oswego Lighthouse on Lake Ontario in New York state:
Oswego, Lake Ontario
The lighthouse in Seaham, Durham County, UK being dwarfed by the waves:
Seaham, UK
And another lighthouse in the North Sea getting pounded by waves and 130 km/h winds:
North Sea storm
The lighthouse in Porthcawl on the South Wales coast getting swallowed by the waves:
Porthcawl, Wales
The photograph that made La Jument in Brittany famous:
La Jument, Brittany
The lighthouse of Ar-Men in Brittany engulfed by a wave:
Ar-Men Brittany
A fair bit of wave washing at El Malecon, Havannah’s famous seaside walkway:
Malecon, Havannah
Dramatic - Mouro Lighthouse, Spain:
Mouro Island
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Paper DOES NOT Beat Rock...

Sorry, that's the way it is!
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