Wednesday, May 6, 2009

wacko damir dokic - threatens to blow up Australian embassy

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arrested dokic had two bombs
POLICE found two illegal "bombs" in a raid on the home of Damir Dokic, government officials say.

The father of Australian tennis ace Jelena was arrested at about 2am Sydney time after threatening to blow up the Australian embassy in Belgrade.

Mr Dokic's home at Vrdnik north of Belgrade.

Seven hunting rifles and a Beretta handgun were also found in the home, with Mr Dokic holding permission to possess the weapons.

Mr Dokic had phoned the embassy in a rage this week after Jelena claimed in an interview that she was physically abused by her father.

He confirmed to Serbian newspaper Blic: "Yes I did call them yesterday and I told them I was going to fire a bazooka on the ambassador's car.

"I've had it with the lies they are telling about me from that country. Because of those lies, it has destroyed my family.

He insisted he had the means to carry out his threat.

Hours before he was arrested, Mr Dokic told News Ltd was normal for parents to physically punish their children.

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