Wednesday, May 20, 2009

How to use Eraser

How to Use Eraser

Download and install the application. Once running, you'll be presented with a simple box that allows you to either schedule an erase, or do it there and then (on demand).


There are three ways to enter data into the list if you are doing it on demand:

1. Select files and folders in Explorer and drag and drop them to the list
2. Copy them to the clipboard and then paste them to the list
3. Use the New Task command in the File menu.

Note: If you use the New Task command, a window will appear allowing you to select unused space on a drive, a folder or a file to be erased.

After you have added the data you wish to erase to the list, you need to select the method of removal.
  1. The Gutmann Method (Default)
  2. The US DoD 5220-22.M Method
  3. The Pseudorandom Data Method
the pseudorandom data method
is the only method that should be used when erasing unused space or data on a compressed drive.
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