Saturday, April 26, 2008

the world of Islam

Islam is based on the divine revelations of the prophet Muhammed. These revelations were collected to create the holy book of Islam: the Quran. The Quran emphasizes several main points: there is one God (Allah), and Muhammed is His final prophet; the importance of social equality; a strong social code (sharia); and what it is to be a good Muslim through the five pillars of Islam
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Islam, which means, "surrender to God's will," is
the world's fastest growing religion with over a billion followers. Islam, Christianity,
and Judaism are similar in that they are monotheistic and worship the same God,
known to Muslims as Allah
Five Pillars of Islam:
Muslims must proclaim that there is but one God, Allah, and Muhammed is His
All Muslims must pray five times a day, facing the Kaba in
All Muslims who are financially able have a social
responsibility to pay an annual alms tax to the poor
During the ninth lunar month, fasting is a time
of reflection and empathy for the poor
Adult Muslims who are physically and financially
capable are expected to make the annual pilgrimage to the Kaba in Mecca at least
once in their lifetime
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