Wednesday, April 23, 2008

how to Resize Images And Maintain Original Sharpness

You have a nice big beautiful photo
But you need it much
by the time the file is down to the right size, you might find that the image has started to take on a blurry look
is a real problem with resizing images, but luckily in Photoshop there's a
to reduce an image go to the Image> Image Size menu. Click on Resample Image and choose Bicubic Sharper from the drop-down menu. This is the best setting for making sure that an image doesn't blur. The example photo of the flower started at 2,000 pixels across. I stepped it down to 250, and then again to 125 with almost no loss of sharpness

Never resize a GIF image. First change the mode to RGB Color (Image> Mode> RGB Color), and then resize. You can still save your resized image as a GIF, just do not apply resizing while the image is in the GIF mode
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