Thursday, April 17, 2008

graffiti artist whose stunning murals transform drab buildings

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Most graffiti artists are condemned for painting on public buildings but one New Yorker is being paid thousands
Artist Eric Grohe has produced spectacular murals on building across the U.S. transforming the grey, drab exteriors into vibrant, 3D scenes
Eric Grohe
Before: The building in Bucyrus before Grohe got to work
After: This painting on a building in Bucyrus, Ohio,
Eric Grohe murals
Eric Grohe murals

He uses special German paint called keim mineral paint which can last 130 years
Eric Grohe murals
This depiction of Niagara Falls on a shopping mall rivals the real thing

He is currently getting requests for his artwork from all over the world.

Eric Grohe murals

The master at work: Eric Grohe believes art should involve, challenge and inspire the viewer

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