Friday, April 18, 2008

1st time Darwin's Papers Online 4 Free

Charles Darwin's Papers Online
Charles Darwin in 1871
For decades available only to scholars at Cambridge University Library, the private papers of Charles Darwin, one of the most influential scientists in history, can now be seen by anyone online and free of charge. This is the largest ever publication of Darwin papers and manuscripts, totalling about 20,000 items in nearly 90,000 electronic images.
This vast and varied collection of papers includes the first draft of his theory of evolution, notes from the voyage of the Beagle and Emma Darwin's recipe book.
These online images are scans from copies of early black and white microfilms produced by the Cambridge University Library Imaging Service, mostly in the 1990s. For online publication now a slight colour tint has been added to many and the brightness and contrast have been digitally enhanced.
The first sketch of Darwin's evolutionary theory from 1842.

First sketch of the theory of evolution, 1842

A page from Notebook B (1837)
Theoretical notebooks
Draft of Descent of man
Drafts of Descent of Man
Review of Origin of species, 1859
Review of Origin of Species, 1859
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