Saturday, April 12, 2008

lonely planet fraud part 2

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Thomas Kohnstamm. He worked for Lonely Planet for three straight years, contributing to guidebooks on South America and the Caribbean. Now, at 32, he has written a book
experiences as a delinquent travel guide writer who cut every corner because he was so short on time and money.
“Thomas also claims that due to lack of time and money, information in his titles is fictitious or plagiarized, and that he acted against our stated policies and accepted freebies, which compromised his recommendations. … We are now urgently reviewing all current books Thomas contributed to,
Ms. Slatyer made Mr. Kohnstamm’s book sound dangerous. Not only that, she implied that it’s an affront to the hard work that her writers
are doing
Mr. Kohnstamm
a wake-up call to travelers imploring them to be a little more intrepid and open-minded.

Mr. Kohnstamm said he has received a dozen letters of support from other Lonely Planet writers who share his grievances.

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