Sunday, April 13, 2008

lower cholesterol naturally

Exercise: Why does it work? Exercise needs . Energy comes from sugars, fats and proteins. When the sugars and proteins are burned, fats must be converted into useable forms of energy. The liver steps up by making good cholesterol, HDL. This HDL goes around and picks up bad cholesterol, LDL. It converts this into useable energy. So, by exercising, your energy requirements increase thereby lowering cholesterol naturally. Exercise 30 minutes a day as often as you can in a week. Better that than statins.

Eat soluble fiber: Where can you find that? In beans and whole grains. The FDA's page on fiber is not too shabby. Fruits and vegetables contain insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber (dried beans, oats, barley, and some fruits, notably apples) actually binds to cholesterol removing it from your body. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to your stools making you more regular - which is extremely vital as well.

Red meat is one of those foods that tends to give people very bad cholesterol numbers. It raises their LDL cholesterol and gives them a heavy dose of saturated animal fat.

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