Thursday, April 17, 2008

Caravaggio Art

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Ottavio Leoni. Caravaggio.
1571 –1610
Merisi, called later Caravaggio, was born in either Milan, or a town of
Caravaggio near Milan, as the son of a ducal architect. His early training
started in 1584 under Simone Peterzano, a little known pupil of Titian,
and continued till 1588.

In 1592, Caravaggio went to Rome. His contact with Giuseppe Cesare d’Arpino
(1568-1640), the most popular painter and art dealer in Rome at the turn
of the century, brought him recognition.  Through the art business
Caravaggio met his first patron Cardinal Francesco Maria Del Monte, who
not only held out the possibility of working independently, but also secured
for him his first public commission:
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