Monday, January 28, 2008

Photoshop tip - remove the background

This image is a perfect candidate for the magnetic lasso tool.

Magnetic Lasso Tool OptionsMagnetic Lasso Tool
The magnetic lasso tool detects and snaps to the edge of an object as you to
trace along its outline. The Magnetic lasso tool options used for this image
are shown to the right. The lasso width controls how close the edge you need
to stay as you trace the image. Frequency controls how often points are laid
down, and edge contrast helps you fine tune the edge detection.

As you drag along the edge of an object, the tool drops fastening points to
anchor the selection.

The selection is inverted and the background deleted.

Here's the final image with a new background. Additional refinements can be
made along the edge of the leaf layer using the eraser tool.

The final image of the leaf with a newbackground.
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