Wednesday, January 2, 2008

ozzie flight info

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Go online for flight survival guide

Flights are often delayed, or worse, cancelled.

Now, thanks to the web, you can work out whether your flight is going to be delayed and get information from other travellers on the quality of the airline or the airport.

Website Flightstats gives you basic information on airline scheduling (including departure and arrival information), delays and general airport information.

information about delays at any particular airport.

Dopplr is another new flight site, being billed as an on-line tool for frequent business travellers.

Dopplr is a social networking site that lets users share travel information and can help you co-ordinate your travel with others and even remind you of people who live in places you are visiting.

Dopplr and Flightstats have made Facebook applications available that let you leverage your existing Facebook social network to take advantage of these tools without too much effort.

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