Friday, January 25, 2008

even more cinematic moments #2

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Citizen Kane (1941)
Has there ever been a more deceptively simple beginning
to a movie
camera focuses on a snow-covered house, pulling back
to reveal a snow globe in a man's hand. The word Rosebud is whispered:
the globe drops to the floor and shatters. A distorted shot of a nurse
entering the room is reflected in the glass. She pulls a sheet over Kane's
head, the lights flicker out, and the mystery of Rosebud begins.
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) - HAL'S HALF CRAZY
defining moment in this cosmic classic is the dismantling of the calculating
computer, HAL 9000
HAL's maddeningly calm voice (provided
by Douglas Rain), gradually regresses to childlike vulnerability, culminating
in its unforgettable rendition of Daisy
North By Northwest (1959) - THE CROP DUSTER
A quaint-looking biplane drones
into view, buzzing closer and closer, forcing a terrified Grant to take
cover in a cornfield
Quint recalls the 1945 sinking of the USS Indianapolis
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