Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beautiful - sculptures.. melting

The beauty of these sculptures will melt your heart;
the sculptures themselves will melt soon after
Fairy tale carriages prove to be very popular with ice sculptors:
Lake Placid, NY Ice Festival:
Chinese Ice Art exhibition: "Magic Ice 2005" at Madurodam: sculpted gallery with the Chinese lanterns (and a crocodile inside) -
"Old Man and Dragon", "Dancers", "Pianist" - all marvelously creative pieces:
"Frozen Butterflies" -
Harbin, China, ice sculpture competition features some delicate and beautiful entries, like these ones:
huge replica of Soviet Kremlin-like towers:
The other world-famous competition is in Alberta, Canada - Banff & Lake Louise Ice Magic:
"Cool Jazz" -
Harbin Snow Sculpture Art Fair,
Snow Phoenix:
Another favorite:
"Face Off"
Ice creatively used for a street art installation:
Other sources: National Ice Carving Association, Krystal Dreams
(see more snow sculptures here)
See more of the Harbin Ice Lantern party, 2007 - here
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