Saturday, January 12, 2008

Easy Fixes for Kitchen Mishaps - Save Mushy Vegetables with Parmesan

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Problem: Your steamed carrots suddenly went from barely tender to limp.
Easy Fixes for 8 Common Kitchen Mishaps
Solution: Serve them anyway. “A little pepper and
a shaving of Parmesan
Butter will also do the trick. Add a pat, with a drizzle of honey, to steamed carrots, or coarsely mash sweet peas with butter and fresh herbs. Or consider making soup, Madison says: Saute chopped scallions in butter or olive oil until softened, then add the vegetables and
some stock or water and simmer for about
15 minutes. Stir in a can of drained white beans and you’ll have a fast minestrone.
Next Time: Use a timer.
5 minutes after putting vegetables in the pan, not as a signal of when they’re done but as a reminder to check on them
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