Sunday, March 29, 2009

Top 10 Social News Mashup Sites

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  • Popurls, the classic overview, quite popular

  • ViralBabble, simple but effective

  • daybox, advanced mash-up, split up based on different media

  • THEWEBLIST, nice design, Popurls functionality

  •, great collection of daily news, videos, pics

  •, programming oriented news

  • Original Signal, best of Web 2.0

  • SEOmash, the only SEO news source you need ;-)

  • Qoogle, japanese Popurls version, I love to click stuff where I have no clue what it is (similar to StumbleUpon in a way)

  • fichey, incredible service that simplifies your online experience by showing every link in a linear way, can’t explain it, you have to try it yourself
  •  blog it

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