Thursday, March 19, 2009

afl snapshot: Carlton

Summer snapshot: Carlton -

Onfield: Exchange period - Robert Warnock (Fremantle), Rookie elevation - Michael Jamison, NAB AFL Draft - Rhys O'Keefe (North Adelaide), Mitch Robinson (Tassie Mariners), Caleb Tiller (Murray Bushrangers), Chris Yarran (Swan Districts), NAB AFL Pre-Season Draft - Chris Johnson (Melbourne), NAB AFL Rookie Draft - Greg Bentley (Port Adelaide), Jeff Garlett (Swan Districts), Lachie Hill (Carlton), Sam Jacobs (Carlton), Darren Pfeiffer (Carlton), Luke Stanton (Northern Knights).

Off-field: Darren Harris (director of development), Robert Harvey (development coach), enough assorted medical and fitness staff to fill a small gymnasium.

Onfield: Retired - Jason Saddington, Delisted - Cain Ackland, Clint Benjamin, Luke Blackwell, Ryan Jackson, Aisake O'hAilpin, Darren Pfeiffer, Lachie Hill (rookie), Sam Jacobs (rookie), Michael Shields (rookie)

Off field: Gavin Crosisca (assistant coach)

Pre-season training started: Tuesday, October 23

Pre-season training resumes: Monday, January 5 at Visy Park

Medical room
Fitness advisor Noel McCarthy gives us an insight

Brad Fisher (dislocated elbow): It was a bit of a setback for Brad, but his rehab is going well at the moment. He'll be in a brace for about three weeks and then we'll get him back into it. He can still do the running so it is a setback, but not a disastrous one.

Richard Hadley (groin): Hads is going really well. We've snuck him back into a bit of skills work, so he'll be into full training after Christmas.

Robbie Warnock (shoulder): Robbie's made some significant steps forward in the last couple of weeks. He's started to run and we expect to get him into full training early in the new year. We're focusing on getting some weight on him at the moment, so he's working closely with our dietitian and he's already made significant gains.

Joe Anderson (shoulder): Will resume full training after Christmas.

Matthew Kruezer (hip): Will resume full training after Christmas.

Who's burning?
I've been pretty impressed with most of the list actually. The boys really looked after themselves during the break which makes it a lot easier for the fitness staff to put some work into them. I think a lot of the younger guys are really going to put some pressure on some of the older blokes for a spot in the team next season.

Mark Austin, Bryce Gibbs, Shaun Grigg, Adam Hartlett, Lachie Hill and Shaun Hampson are a few of the younger blokes who have really taken significant steps in terms of their training and physique.

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