Saturday, March 28, 2009

supercoach: rewarding the good players round 1 2009

gary ablett: can he play bad? nope...boosted his DT by 40 (162)
brad ottens:
did what he liked...boosted his DT score by a whopping = 50 (175)
brad sewell:
saving grace for hawks...88DT to 115
marc murphy
: regular 122 in Dream team but with 12 contested posses and no clangers=150
chris judd: regular 101 increases to 136 on the back of 12 contest poss
luke power: 133 on DT but with 20 cont poss and minor clangers lookout!=172
mick rischitelli: 93 on DT but with 6 cont poss and a minor clang= 111
dean cox:the saving grace for Perth, up 29 to SC = 128 on the back of 13 cont poss
nick dal santo: who would have thought = skyrockets 46 to 161 on 14 cont poss (2 clangers!!!)...tough at it and useful.
sam gilbert: gifted back man, didn;t waste much = zooms 44! from DT to 134
even Kochitzke and farren ray increased SC scores 25+
leon davis: gets some SC gravy of 26 = 122 as does team mate..
Hertier O"brien: 71 DT pumps to 97 with 7 cont poss and some good hard at it stuff
nathan bock: is the saving crow (SC= 109..up 24) as everybody else wastes chances (including DT vince 131 drops to 92)

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