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SuperCoach pre-season guide 2009

SuperCoach pre-season guide | Herald Sun
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Andy Otten (Mid) $134,600

Second-year player who averaged 85 points pre-season. A ball magnet at TAC Cup level and worth a spot in your midfield.

Taylor Walker (Fwd) $94,200

Averaged 93 points in his final two practice games, and with no true focal point at the Crows, he should get an early chance. Booted 56 goals in the SANFL last season.

Bernie Vince (Mid) $447,100

Experienced a breakout year in 2008, but the 23-year-old may still be underpriced in 2009 as he averaged 95 points pre-season.



Daniel Rich (Mid) $144,200

Played all four pre-season games, scoring 52-76 points, and should be part of the Lions team from Round 1 as a back-up midfielder.

Scott Harding (Mid) $248,300

Has struggled for a regular spot, but that may change under Michael Voss. Averaged 75 points pre-season.


Justin Sherman (Mid) $350,200

It doesn’t look as if Sherman will ever recapture his form of 2006. He played three pre-season games, averaging 35 points. Avoid.



Sam Jacobs (Ruck) $83,400

Elevated to Carlton’s primary list after averaging 51 in four pre-season appearances. A valuable ruck back-up that you can trade once his price rises.

Bryce Gibbs (Mid) $500,400

He’s not cheap, but he averaged 85 points in three pre-season games, outscoring Nick Stevens and Chris Judd.


Chris Yarran (Fwd) $149,200

The No.6 draft pick had a disappointing pre-season despite predictions he was a walk-up start. Injured early in his first game, he averaged 22 points a game.



Travis Cloke (Fwd) $416,800

The 2007 Copeland Trophy winner has averaged 76 points pre-season. Perfectly priced for the third or fourth forward spot in your side.

Dayne Beams (Mid) $94,200

Beams played three games pre-season and averaged 60 points. With Mick Malthouse often backing his youngsters, we could see Beams in the side from Round 1.

Marty Clarke (Def) $432,000

Was Collingwood’s third-highest points scorer during the pre-season, averaging 82 points, and he’s still just 21.



Hayden Skipworth (Mid/Fwd) $219,700

Available as both a forward and a midfielder, the mature-age recruit looks a certain starter after averaging 79 points pre-season.

Andrew Lovett (Fwd/Mid) $416,100

Discipline and injury issues seem in the past. Averaged 95 points pre-season, the third most of
any Bomber.

David Hille (Ruck) $473,000

Averaged 83 points across the pre-season. He could rival Dean Cox as the best-scoring ruckman in the AFL and is $128,000 cheaper.



Byron Schammer (Mid) $419,900

Had two huge games to end the pre-season and a massive end to last season. He could be the Dockers’ No.1 midfielder.

Greg Broughton (Def) $83,400

A mature-aged rookie who has already been elevated. Averaged 74 points pre-season and his price of $83,400 is too good to ignore.

Stephen Hill (Def/Mid) $164,200

Has never been a big ball-winner but everything he does is quality. Played three games pre-season, averaging 64 points.



Gary Ablett (Mid) $712,100

Is $712,100 too much to spend on one player? Probably, but when that player averaged 132 points a game last season and 140 this pre-season, it is probably right on the mark.

Joel Selwood (Mid) $529,400

Nicely priced compared to Jimmy Bartel ($623,300) and Paul Chapman ($532,300). His 191 points in the NAB Cup grand final was no fluke.

Simon Hogan (Fwd) $94,200

Named as an emergency in four games last season, he averaged 59 in the pre-season and must be getting close to senior selection.



Travis Tuck (Mid) $327,100

There are spots up for grabs in the midfield and he looks ready to step straight in. Averaged 79.5 in four pre-season games.

Matthew Suckling (Def) $83,400

We know how much the Hawks love a beautiful left-foot kick in their side. Has been promoted off the rookie list and may take Grant Birchall’s spot on Friday after averaging 69 points in four pre-season games.


Jarryd Morton (Fwd/Mid) $361,400

Seems behind Tuck at this stage after averaging 44 points in the pre-season.



Brock McLean (Mid) $487,600

Averaged 91 points pre-season and could become a 100-plus scorer on a regular basis if he remains fit.

Kyle Cheney (Def) $94,200

Played all four pre-season games and is in the mix for senior selection. He could be a handy bench player. He averaged 60 points during the pre-season.

Jake Spencer (Ruck) $83,400

Your fourth ruckman should be as cheap as possible. Spencer played all four pre-season games and Melbourne’s ruck depth is nothing to brag about.



Liam Anthony (Mid) $94,200

His average of 81 points was the highest of any of the 2008 draftees who played more than one game during the pre-season.

Daniel Wells (Mid) $487,500

Had a sensational pre-season, averaging 131 points in three appearances, second only to Gary Ablett of the players to play more than one pre-season game.

Josh Smith (Fwd) $148,000

At 23, Smith should be ready to step up to the next level this season. He is nicely priced and averaged 77 points in three pre-season games.



Nathan Krakouer (Fwd) $217,800

Starred in his new role as Port Adelaide’s playmaker from the defensive 50, scoring 80 or more points in his past three pre-season games.

Danyle Pearce (Mid) $433,300

Had four consistent games during the pre-season, averaging 81 points. He is a classy player who can impact the scoreboard.

Wade Thompson (Fwd) $96,400

An excitement machine who played all four games during the pre-season, averaging 62 points. Could earn you some cash early in the season.



Alex Rance (Def) $94,200

Finding cheap defenders can be a nightmare. Rance might not get you big numbers but he will play some games. Averaged 51 points in three pre-season appearances.

Daniel Jackson (Mid) $375,400

Played a more attacking role in three pre-season games. He averaged 83 points and only needs to average 70 during the season for his price to rise.

Nathan Foley (Mid) $474,500
Played only one quarter of the final practice match, but before that he averaged 122 points a game.



Farren Ray (Mid) $347,200

Looks invigorated at his new club and averaged 79 points in four pre-season appearances. Was the No.4 pick in the 2003 draft and could be ready for a breakout season.

Luke Ball (Mid) $534,500

Eased into the pre-season with a score of 69 then ramped it up to average 110 in the next three games.

Nick Dal Santo (Mid) $550,400

One of the few players who has averaged over 100 points in each of the past five years. Looks set to do it again after averaging 103 during the pre-season.



Craig Bird (Mid) $340,200

Was one of the best debutants last year and could become a regular top-scorer this year after averaging 75 in four pre-season games.

Adam Goodes (Mid) $569,200

Averaged 101 points in four pre-season games. As a co-captain he should be on his best behaviour all season.

Jarrad McVeigh (Mid) $534,400

Emerged as an elite player last year and had a super consistent pre-season, scoring at least 90 points in all four games.



Mitchell Brown (Fwd) $94,200

Has spent his pre-season playing out of defence, averaging 82 points. At basement price after missing the entire 2008 season with a knee injury.

Matthew Spangher (Def) $192,300
Played seven games last year and all four pre-season matches, moving between half-back and a wing. Averaged 57 points with a high of 114.

Sam Butler (Mid) $299,300

Has had a shocking run with injuries but if he’s fit he will play in the midfield. Averaged 71 points in the pre-season, improving his output in each game.



Shaun Higgins (Mid/Fwd) $223,400

Massively under-valued considering he will spend more time in the midfield. Averaged 106 points in the pre-season, scoring at least 90 in each of his four games.

Josh Hill (Mid/Fwd) $409,900

One of the finds of 2008 and looks set to build on that form after averaging 72 points in four pre-season games.

Callan Ward (Mid) $179,500

Averaged 63 points in three pre-season games, a big jump from his 33-point average last season. A superb user of the ball who is suited to the SuperCoach scoring system.

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