Friday, March 27, 2009

Sculptures of Salvador Dali

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it." - Dali

"Horse Saddled With Time "
Opera Gallery, Singapore

Singapore River, Singapore


Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

"The Vision Of The Angel"
Dali Museum, Paris, France

"Dali's Elephant"

Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum, Púbol, Spain

"Space Elephant"

South Bank, London, UK

"Persistence of Memory"
South Bank, London, UK

"Newton de Gala"
Dalí Theater-Museum, Figueres, Spain

"Surrealist Piano"
Opera Gallery, Singapore

"Saint George and the Dragon"
Orchard Road, Opera Gallery, Singapore

"Space Venus"
Dali Musem, London, England, UK

"Woman Aflame"
Exchange Square, Hong Kong, China

"The Rhino Dressed on Lace"
Puerto José Banús, Marbella, Spain

"Profile of Time"
Kew Gardens, London, UK

Statue of Salvador Dali at Cadaqués, Spain

"Homage to Newton"
UOB Plaza, Singapore

"Nude ascending a staircase"
Alameda Park, Marbella, Spain

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