Friday, March 27, 2009

Tips on Upgrading a Motherboard

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Thirty Tips on Upgrading a Motherboard

30 Tips on Upgrading a Motherboard

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it comes time to pull a motherboard out of a working system and replace it with something different.
when you think you're all done, you still have to coax Windows through the trauma of waking up with new hardware.
share our very best hints on swapping out a motherboard

Now, remember—this is a series of tips, not a step by step how-to. Don't expect a full-on motherboard installation manual; instead, use the manual that comes with your motherboard, and use our tips to make the job even easier.

Preparing Windows for the Inevitable Freak-out
The first step in motherboard replacement is to prepare the operating system, and since most of the world runs on Windows, we'll concentrate on that. Before you even think about pulling the board out of the case:

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