Friday, October 17, 2008

world's best restaurant

Spain's Ferran Adria is the world's greatest chef.
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His restaurant, elBulli, has wiped the floor with all comers by being named world's best restaurant for the fourth year in succession.

The 50-seat establishment, which opens only about five months each year, receives two million applications for reservations annually, of which it fills only 8000.

Successful applicants pay a comparatively modest €200 ($335 plus wine) to be mesmerised by a 30-course meal of extraordinary complexity.

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The rest or us, sadly, can only dream of such things as monkfish liver fondue with ponzu and white sesame-flavoured kumquat, or tandoori chicken wings with borage shoots, oyster cream and frothy mato cheese.

"At elBulli, you will find both: I supervise staff meals, and ensure everyone (elBulli has 60 to 70 staff members to address the needs of 50 diners) eats well before service.

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