Thursday, October 9, 2008

problem with ms camera wizard detecting camera

new camera could plug it in, turn it on, and up would pop the Camera Wizard. Perfect! But just recently I plug it in, turn it on, I can hear the system recognizing that a USB device has been plugged in but no Wizard

PCNet-Online Forum: Camera wizard (XP Home)

ou can try this registry fix:





Cut and paste into notepad or whatever. I remove the line breaks.
Save the file as whatever.reg
Start regedit and click file/import and pick whatever.reg.
Naturally you'll want to have a backup of the registry before doing the import.

Or do you have Real Player installed? If so that'll kill it

PCNet-Online Forum: Camera wizard (XP Home)
All fixed!! It wasn't a registry thing at all but the drive had somehow gotten unrecognized and TweakUI, with a checkmark by that same drive - the removable camera drive, fixed me up.

PCNet-Online Forum: Camera wizard (XP Home)
here was the solution in full:

Go to Go to
and download Tweak UI (user interface) and install it if you don't have it installed already.

In TweakUI go to / Start / Programs / Powertoys / Tweak UI / My Computer / Auto Play / Drives /
and make sure anything that's not a hard drive letter is checked.

One of the drive letters is probably the camera (Windows treats your camera like a disc drive).

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, TweakUI worked for me. I lost the camera Wizard after installing Norton Internet Security and Norton SystemWorks. They could not help me. After reading through reams of fixes which did not work,

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