Wednesday, October 15, 2008

WindowsXP Tips = Identify Faulty Device Drivers

WindowsXP Tips

If you are having problems with lockups, blue screens, or can only get to safe mode,
often the problem is due to a faulty device driver.

One way to help identify them is through the use of the Verfier program

1. Start / Run / Verifier
2. Keep the default of Create Standard Settings
3. Select the type of drivers you want to confirm
4. A list of drivers to be verified on the next boot will be shown.
5. Reboot
6. If your computer stops with a blue screen, you should get an error message with the problem driver
7. To turn off the Verifier, run verifier /reset

Before using it you must ensure that you can start in Safe Mode and return from it. If verifier issues a STOP screen, rebooting in Safe Mode is the only way to reset it.

It its default configuration verifier tests "unsigned" drivers; I'd try that first. But you can take the more advanced "developer" options and have it test all drivers under maximum conditions.

If it finds something you will get a Blue Screen STOP message. Ignore the STOP parameters -- they are specific to verifier. The only thing important is the driver file name if it finds one.

If you get a STOP screen you will have to reboot to Safe Mode and run verifier again and have it "delete existing settings"

If you do not get a STOP message you can run it again checking all drivers; driver verifier will continue to run on every boot up until you run:

verifier /reset

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