Monday, October 27, 2008

Czech Republic :A Skeleton Church

clipped from
40,000 to 70,000 bones
a church in the town of Sedlec in the Czech Republic, the Sedlec Ossuary.
reputation for having bones as organic decorations on the church ceiling, walls, archways, and practically anywhere.
The church traces its roots in 1218 when Abbot Henry spread a jar of cemetery soil from the Holy Land over the Chapel.

Tens of thousands of bodies have been buried in the Sedlec Ossuary by 1318 amid the plagues and the wars. Two centuries later, the bones were exhumed to give way for more interments. The Duke of Schwartzenberg ordered the use of the human remains as the ghastly adornment for the church.

Human bones turns the sacred burial and praying ground into a wonderful, bizarre, bone tingling work of art.

Bone for decorations works well for the chapel with giant bell  mounds of bones are placed in every corner, archways featuring human femurs and caput, and a chandelier that has almost all the bones of the human body are some of the well-known pieces.

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