Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ever forgot a site password? Use Firefox to retrieve.

Of course...this a security hole...Knowing how easy it is for anyone with access to your PC to view all your passwords,maybe you'd like to password-protect your passwords.
In the Options | Security tab, click Use a master password and enter a password. Now this password will have to be entered any time you or anyone else tries to view saved passwords. You'll be asked to enter your master password every time you open Firefox; without it, Firefox won't automatically enter saved passwords for you. Make sure you don't forget this one!
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To view the passwords associated with any site, go to the log-in page and right-click anywhere on the page.
Select View Page Info, and then the Security tab.
Click View Saved Passwords. Another window will pop up showing the usernames associated with that site
Click Show Passwords to see the passwords for each username.
If you want to view all of your saved usernames and passwords, open Options under the Tools menu and select the Security tab.
Click Saved Passwords to open a list of every site you've ever saved a password for
Again, click View Passwords and the list will display all of your passwords. You can't print this list, but you can just as easily take screenshots if you want to print out your passwords for safekeeping.
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