Thursday, October 23, 2008

Blacktown independent petrol business fights Shell

Big business have docket discounts, giveaways, all sorts of gimmicks and marketing. They can undercut us until they drive us out of business and then they'll jack prices up when we're gone.

People are fed up with paying high prices dictated to them by the majors.

This is not the end. We will continue to fight this in the hope people support us.

After what happened on Tuesday you would think the State Government would be trying to help us - instead they sent out an environment and water officer to check the quality of our fuel, which I buy from the BP Shell refinery.
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Marie El-Khoury serves up cheap fuel NOW
THE petrol station owner who is taking on the big boys has been inundated with support from around Sydney, with consumers vowing to join her fight for a fairer deal.

And she has put petrol prices down again this morning, offering unleaded at under $1 a litre until at least 9am.

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My brother Elia and I own a petrol station in Blacktown
12 years ago
business was good
Now that has turned around. We've been making a loss on petrol for weeks because we have to buy from the Shell refinery, whose service stations can afford to sell it cheaper than we can.
The problem is Shell tried to buy us out earlier this year and we refused. So what did they do? They set up another Shell 500m down the road.

United Petroleum opened up next door three months ago. Now they are trying to open another Shell 500m up the road.

be four service stations in a row on the same side of the road.

We've been struggling. Simple as that.

We dropped to 94.9c a litre
we were matching them.
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