Friday, October 31, 2008

the blue Rose - finally!

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The world?s first blue roses have been unveiled following nearly two decades of scientific research.
The creation of blue roses – long thought to be impossible – was masterminded by an Australian-based subsidiary of Suntory, a Japanese company.

The firm has invested three billion yen in the creation of blue roses, blue carnations and other blue flowers since 1990.

Its scientists successfully pioneered implanting the gene that produces Delphinidin, the primary plant pigment that produces a blue hue but is not found naturally in roses.

A blue rose has long been synonymous with the unattainable, from signifying unrequited love in Chinese folklore to its Victorian era connotations of symbolising a quest for the impossible.

Those inspired by the image of a blue rose range from Rudyard Kipling who penned poems about the unnaturally-hued blooms to a string of characters featuring in modern day Japanese "anime" animation.

will go on sale commercially next Autumn.
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