Thursday, December 25, 2008

Iran: such barbarians?

...Bush and his paranoid buddies wants this country gone! for their....attempt at being like humans??


Here are images, I wanted to lay them out. As glimpses. Isolated glimpses into another country, one that mostly exists for us in scary soundbytes and media-approved shots of hangings and flame and the dark dark chador and the obscuring burqa. We pump the hot gas of our fear and media worship into those shadowy shapes, because after all, all of us here in the USA are experts at marketing and advertising and image. We take joy in our trade. This is our most intensive area of training.

This shot is of a woman looking into Khomeini's tomb.

This green, green foto was titled Naqsh-e-Jahaan Square.

A wondrous work of art, this rivals the most beautiful churches I've seen in the USA. I don't go in too much for religion. But I do appreciate the art that moves the hands of humans when they feel inspired. I feel much the same way as I have standing in some vast, ornate churches in New York. There are a few beauties.

A wedding in Iran. A Kurdish-Persian wedding.
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