Saturday, December 13, 2008

How the Kennedy Empire was Built

I think there may be some interesting parallels and happenings that took place in 1912 and todays problems with greed and inside information that certain people are privy to.
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How the Kennedy Empire was
Ted's Father Joe

The following are excerpts from :
The Sins of the Father - by
Ronald Kessler
The Kennedy Men: Three Generations of Sex,
Scandal, and Secrets
- by Nellie

- Joe's father, PJ Kennedy, was a saloon owner who used
his bar as a launching pad for his political career.
- In 1885, PJ was elected to the Massachusetts House of
Representatives, due in large part to the strong backing he
received from the liquor lobby which was worried about the
temperance movement.
- PJ would serve five terms as a state representative before
being elected to the Massachusetts Senate. PJ skillfully
used his political power to enrich himself and advance the
career of his son Joseph P Kennedy.

"That bank
examiner's job took him all over the state and laid bare the
condition of every bank he visited. He acquired information
of value to himself and others."
While still on the state
payroll as a bank examiner, Joe made an acquisition that was
aided by inside information.
Joseph P Kennedy
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