Friday, December 19, 2008

Cioccolata Calda: Hot Chocolate Italian style

for the poor buggers around the world freezing in a winter of your discontent!
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For many who have visited Italy during the colder months, cioccolata calda, or hot chocolate, is one of their fondest memories. And with excellent reason.

of milk, sugar, a thickening agent like flour or corn starch, and, of course, chocolate (often in the form of cocoa powder), hot chocolate in Italy has nothing to do with the watery, sippable kind that you may have had elsewhere
consistency of pudding, and the way to enjoy it is with a small spoon, one delicious mouthful at a time. Just be careful as it's quite hot!
Cioccolata Calda: Hot Chocolate in Italy
Here for your viewing and culinary pleasure, are three videos. The first two will get your tastebuds craving this creamy chocolate treat; the last will help you make it at home as it's a video of an Italian making cioccolata calda on the stove top--in English
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