Friday, December 12, 2008

55 fantastic Free Online Tools

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Lately, the number of free online tools has grown enormously. Many of these tools are really original and useful.
These services help you to do tasks that you would never imagine doing in such an easy and quick way.
Sometimes, the same tools give you interesting ideas for your website, works... Ideas and concepts that can really increase your benefits.

Here you are a selection of the
Web Design Tools
Blog Design Tool, Online tool for creating templates for Wordpress and MovableType.
Navigation Tools
Sputtr, A search page that contains many search engines. You can add or remove those that you like from a very big list, and also submit new ones. That way you can have all your favorite search engines together in a page.
Office Suite Web Applications
Google Docs, It's an office suite, with word processor, etc, like MS Office. But online and powered by Google., Make mind-maps and brainstorming sessions online. Embed that mindmap in your site.
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