Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Great ads seen as Offensive, Banned or Rejected

clipped from www.oddee.com

Energizer - Chile - Rejected by the client
Banned as it "trivialised and stylised violence
Banned as it can "frighten and distress children

Gucci - UK - Banned

Six Feet Under TV Series - UK - Banned as they were "offensive, shocking and likely to cause undue distress"

Russian Finance Magazine - RUSSIA - Banned for being "immoral"
Banned as "the copulating toys were considered offensive and obscene
Most Complained as "it was sexually explicit"

Towers Anti-Smoking Campaign - CHINA - Rejected as "inappropriate"

The Breast Cancer Fund - USA - Rejected by advertising spaces run by Viacom "over fears that its depiction of mastectomy scars would prove to be too shocking to the public"
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