Saturday, December 13, 2008

Free, Cross-Platform Apps for Musicians

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Traverso is a lightweight but powerful DAW that works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.
Every studio, home or professional, needs a good dedicated audio editor to run alongside the DAW. Audacity fills this role perfectly
While Hydrogen bills itself as an advanced drum sequencer for GNU/Linux, it’s also available on Windows and Mac OS X. If you’ve got the samples, there’s nothing to stop you from using Hydrogen as a sequencer, but it really shines when you’re putting together programmed drum tracks.
MidiSwing is a very lightweight, minimalist MIDI sequencer. There’s not a whole lot of fiddling to do with MidiSwing because of its simplicity, which means the geek in you will be disappointed but you’ll be able to get to work quicker,
version 0.5, it shows a lot of promise and it seems to be more advanced than MidiSwing,
MuseScore handles MIDI,
notation editing, and a built-in sequencer and synthesizer so you can check that your notation sounds correct
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