Saturday, October 10, 2009

Visualize the US and Beer drinking

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lets visualize our way to grasping the United States’ yearly beer consumption.
Only China is has a greater thirst, but they also have an extra billion people’s thirst to quench so with only one fourth of the population
Annual Beer Consumption in the US
unlikely to ever see a politician campaign with a “Make beer, not war” slogan
if you just wanted to visualize 30 teragrams of liquid, here you go. What’s a teragram? It’s a scientific way of saying “that’s f@#king heavy!”
this stack of cans tops out at a respectable 4.8 million miles of space. And just for you terrestrial types, that’s around the earth 185 times
the United States is wealthy and enjoys the good life, but just imagine the destruction and carnage that would occur with a nation full of sober and serious people.
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