Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Metaphor therapy

interesting posting by a doctor who studied under Metaphor therapist David Grove...see site for other cases


A woman, a victim of incest by her father and uncle, felt
like she was "going crazy" when getting in touch with her real
feelings about what happened.  The 'crazy' feeling was swirling
all around her. When asked what it was like, she said it was like
many atoms swirling around her.  The atoms had a nucleus, which
was like a atom bomb. Inviting the atom bomb into her past,
it went through an old basement door. Because the bomb was swirling,
the father and uncle thought it was her and went in after her/it. As
soon as they went through the door, it slammed shut. A few moments
later there was a nuclear explosion. When the dust settled, the
basement was completely filled up with the fall-out from the
explosion. Through the years, the violations that took place in that
basement had continued to play in the back of her head.  Now
that the basement was permanently filled in, the memories could no
longer take place in that basement again.

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