Thursday, October 22, 2009

Guitar art

some of the best Painted and Decorated guitars that I found which have turned the humble instrument into a true work of art.
The collection ranges from hand drawn creatures to carved wonders all the way to intricate mosaics.
clipped from
fine-art abstract guitar art design
Alezgirl - DeviantART art guitar painted decoration
Venonded - DeviantART guitar art design
Depret - DeviantART
MrGone - DeviantART painted decorated guitar
mynameiskyletaylor - DeviantART decorated art design
Depret - DeviantART artist character guitar art
aboriginal modern art guitar manning lewis studios
fine-art abstract guitar art design
kama sutra guitar art design
ninja turtles guitar art design
surf guitar art design
fine-art abstract guitar art design
Bluesboyburb - DeviantART guitar design drawings
jeremyville art design illustration guitar
Ithiel - DeviantART guitar art paint
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