Friday, October 23, 2009

Tiny, tiny, tiny houses

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I received a note from a reader last week after my post on mobile dwelling designer Christopher Deam reminding me of Tumbleweed, the Tiny House Company, founded by Jay Shafer, who builds and sells -- you guessed it -- little dwellings ranging in size from 65 to 372 square feet.

The Tiny Houses don't require building permits because they're on wheels, so they can literally be placed in a backyard (yes, albeit a very large backyard). The Small Houses are more like real dwellings with a separate room and an option for a 1st floor bedroom.

The XS-House measures 65 square feet.

The Weebee comes in at 102 square feet.

San Francisco's Modern Cabana offers its very own modern rendition. These range from 120 to 300 square feet.

The small-living-space movement is growing fast. Check out Small House Home & House, This Tiny House, and Container House, just for starters.

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