Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Amazing wooden sculptures of dark moods

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when you set an eye on
Gehard Demetz
marvelous wooden sculptures
the material of the dreams.  And dreams are the perfect place for dark surrealism to rise. What are those lost children looking for? What’s the story that they hide? They look at you and it seems that they are inviting you to torture them. Or to pay for having tortured them in the past, as if they were the habitants of a forgotten orphanage where bad things were happening.
Hitler and Mao, 2007, © Gehard Demetz
Their sad expressions come as a contrast to the almost porcelain aspect of the wood. 
The missing wooden parts of the sculptures reveal the aching truth. That life may be at moments superficial and seemingly happy-go -lucky, but nobody can hide from the past, nobody can escape his ghosts. Gerald Demetz’s sculptures leave you defenseless. Addicted to darkness, you keep begging for more.
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