Saturday, March 1, 2008

How to burn a dvd (VIDEO_TS folder)

Burning pre-authored DVD-Video

  1. Launch Nero Burning Rom in the classic mode (not the Nero Express mode).

  2. Choose DVD from the drop-down menu, and select DVD-Video as the compilation type. Click the New button to open up the DVD layout view.

  • Adding files to the VIDEO_TS folder

  • Choose the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVDVideo -window. Use the right mouse button to Add files to the compilation. You can also use the explorer window to the right to locate the files and drag & drop them to the VIDEO_TS folder. Make sure that the files actually go to the VIDEO_TS folder, and not the root folder of the disc.

    Now all you have to do is burn the disc. Click Recorder --> Burn Compilation (or hit CTRL+B). The default settings should be ok. Just click on the Burn button. If you get prompted whether or not you want to burn a multisession disc, respond Burn without multisession .
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