Thursday, March 6, 2008

boost your wifi reception

Wireless networking is based on the same radio-frequency (RF) technology that used to keep you jiggling your rabbit-ears TV antenna to get a better picture. That means if you want maximum range and enhanced performance from your wireless notebook or PDA, you need to deploy the best antenna you can—and place it as carefully as possible - the fact is that your network is only as good as your antenna system.

An antenna/extender made from even a small kitchen strainer can boost signals by about 25 percent although it should be noted that the new antenna is directional – meaning that you have to point the opening of the bowl in the direction of the hotspot to pull it in. In practice this means that wifi signals that are NOT being pointed at come in weaker than before. So take the time to move your antenna around to get the best positioning. You can download an application, NetStumbler, that helps find signals and shows you their relative strengths here.
Just make sure your strainer is metal.
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