Friday, September 4, 2009

Dream Team AFL 2009 market watch

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AS THE dust settles
no bigger winner than North Melbourne’s Liam Anthony
Fremantle’s elevated rookie, Greg Broughton
Brisbane Lions ruckman Mitch Clark,
West Coast midfielder
Tom Swift.

Top 10 movers
1. Liam Anthony (NM) $366,100 (+$279,500)
2. Greg Broughton (Fre) $327,900 (+$252,600)
3. Dayne Beams (Coll) $320,300 (+$233,700)
4. Mitch Clark (BL) $431,100 (+$213,300)
5. Jason Davenport (PA) $298,900 (+$211,400)
6. Tom Swift (WCE) $297,100 (+$210,500)
7. Andrew Collins (Rich) $293,600 (+$207,000)
8. Robin Nahas (Rich) $289,300 (+$205,000)
9. Daniel Rich (BL) $299,900 (+$173,300)
10. Nathan Grima (NM) $258,800 (+$172,200)

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